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The ALL NEW Field Day – a GREAT Day!

Check out the rave reviews!

What a wonderful school community you have at Matsunaga. Thank you for letting us share in your Field Day. We see lots and lots of events here and I have to commend your team on how well planned and executed the Milk Run and Field Day were. Congratulations to all of you. We hope this is just the beginning of a very special, long lasting partnership with Matsunaga. -Trish Heffelfinger, Executive Director Maryland Soccer Foundation/Discovery Sports Center

Kudos to the Matsunaga staff, PTA and parent coordinators/volunteers. Field day was a huge hit in my house. My kids had a great time! The event was well organized and it looked to me like EVERYONE had a great time. You should give yourselves a BIG pat on the back. Even though this was the first year of the event, it seemed to run flawlessly. I know it wasn’t an easy task to accomplish, but you all did a great job! Thanks, again! -Karen Johnson, Parent

It was an amazing event!!! Great job!!!! -Dana Ni, Parent

The staff is raving about how great it was! I bet there are lots of happy, sleepy children in Boyds tonight. THANK YOU. -Mrs. Putonen, 1st Grade Teacher

Amazing event! I love our school!!!! Thank you PTA! -Mrs. Fitch, 4th Grade Teacher

What a fantastic day!!! Our PTA is amazing!!! -Mrs. Angert, MES Staff

Great job!!! Thanks for this amazing event and all you do for our children!! -Jennifer Brown, Parent

It was amazing! We have the best PTA, parents and students! -Mrs. Jeffers, Kindergarten Teacher

An amazingly good time! Summed up the best by a little girl who hugged me and then looked up and said, “Thank you for all of this.” I told her we have the best PTA. Thank you, all. -Ms. Soriton, 3rd Grade Teacher

Incredible event…everyone had a blast!!! Thanks to PTA for all your hard work, time and energy spent planning this event!!! -Mrs. Ramm, 3rd Grade Teacher

Our PTA visionaries are amazing!! Thank you for such an awesome, fun-filled event! -Mrs. Fouche, 1st Grade Teacher

Thank you for this amazing event !! And all your hard work!! -Claudia Mendoza, Parent

What an amazing feat! Everyone had a great time at the well organized and well executed event  Thanks to everyone involved! We  love our PTA!! -Mrs. Hinnebusch, 5th Grade Teacher

Spectacular day start to finish. Your year long hard work created a wonderful memory for all. Thank you PTA!!! -Mrs. Sabatelli, 5th Grade Teacher

Thank you to the PTA for a fabulous day!!!! Once again you set the bar high! -Mrs. Bruning, 5th Grade Teacher

To all our wonderful PTA parents who dreamed about today and made it a reality! You are the Best! -Mrs. Kunze, MES Staff

This was an amazing event. Thank you everybody for all you do! A great time was had by all. - Sherri Koch, Parent

Thank you, you all did a great job! -Kathy Parvisi, Parent

A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. Such an awesome sight. KUDOS to the Matsunaga PTA on an amazing field day-for my husband to remark on how well organized and orchestrated it was it must have REALLY been AMAZING! -Nicole Schofer, Parent

Great job! Ryan said best day ever! It was awesome to hear all the kids cheering for their teams as I was walking up. Everything seemed to be running very smoothly and everyone was having a blast. You all did a great job! -Allison Lent, Parent

It was incredible. Your committee did great! -Hal Hickman, Parent

What an amazing accomplishment the PTA/Staff, parents and kids all pulled off. You all did such an amazing job the kids will always remember what a great day it was. Congratulations to the best PTA and Elementary School Staff anyone could ever imagine to be a part of. We were blessed with the most fantastic day for this memorable day. I am so glad that Zak was able to participate in his last year in Matsunaga. -Trina Braun, Parent

WOW!! -Rita Vashee, Parent

My kids had a blast! Great job volunteers! -Sarah Goforth, Parent

Wow!!! What a great day – a whole school field day, for 1,000 kids, off campus! Amazing! Mazel Tov!!! Your team rocked it out as usual. Z had a blast! -Michelle Holstine, Parent

Great job! Not sure if the kids or volunteers had more fun on the obstacle course! -Diane Wolfe, Parent

What an amazing day!! Thank you for all the heart, sweat and tears that made it such a fabulous day!! -Karen Orens, 5th Grade Teacher

Field Day was awesome! -Kerry Proffitt, Parent

Kids had a blast today! Thanks to the committee and volunteers – it was a huge success!! -Barb Patterson, Parent

The kids really enjoyed Field Day – I still can’t fathom the logistics that went into planning and implementing it… yikes!! -Joanne Wachholder, Parent

It was AMAZING!!! Thanks to who worked hard to make this first field day an awesome one!! See you next year! -Malu Aliaga, Parent

Awesome day, you all did an amazing job planning every detail!!! -Jennifer Zakalik, Parent

I was thrilled to be a part of such a great day! All of the hard work that went into the planning and details really paid off. Thanks to all who made it possible! -Francie Leibovitch, Parent

Thank you for all of your hard work.  Such an amazing feat.  The kids had a great day and I was glad to be a part of it. -Tracie Trilling, Parent

THE EVENT WAS AWESOME! SIMPLY AWESOME! Had a blast. My dream come true of a whole school Field Day.  You guys are amazing.  -Mrs. Brubaker, Principal

I want to congratulate your hard working team who pulled off the best MES event I have witnessed!!  I had chills and tears in my eyes when I heard the teams chanting, the laughter and happy children everywhere.  You all put your hearts into every detail of an amazing event.  All for Love…Just wanted to say Thank you very much.  -Laura Williams, Parent

I would like to congratulate and thank you, your staff, all the teachers, PTA members and all the volunteer parents for such a wonderful events. Kids had a blast. I was there for a couple of hours on the fields. I enjoyed my time there and really impressed with the planning and execution of the event. I wish I could email everybody involved in planning and execution of the event and thank for their efforts.  -Kirit Raja, Parent

Wow, wow, wow! Thank you very much for a well-structured, organized, wonderful field day.  Your willingness to undertake such a huge task speaks to your dedication to our school.  Our all school field day was fantastic from beginning to end.  In your planning you thought of so many details both large and small. Wonderful memories were made today thanks to your dedication and hard work. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for the time, energy and money put into our school field day!  I really appreciate all you did!!!!  -Mrs. Brown, 4th Grade Teacher

I was so impressed with the entire event from start to finish. Happy to be involved with such a dedicated group of people. -Jeanne Trope, Parent

Field Day was a well organized, awesome day for the kids.  Thanks for your endless hours of time organizing and planning such a fun day for the children of MES!  Kudos to you all! -Lisa Kaplan, Parent

What a great day – thanks to all PTA parents who worked so hard!!!!!! -Sherry Gowarty, Parent 

Thank you ladies for a wonderful time. I know you all worked hard. Eva had a great time! -Rosalee deVries, Parent

Amazing Matsunaga Field Day at the SoccerPlex thanks to all our wonderful volunteers and teachers!  Thank YOU and thank the higher power who produced not only perfect weather but put my kids on the same team, which just happened to win. Life doesn’t get much better than that! -Sarah Kessler, Parent

It was a great day and all had fun! -Heather O’Brien, Parent

It really was such a blast. Loved it! You guys did an amazing job! Great Job!! -Eileen Lawrence, Parent

An amazing field day for MES today! All school all day at the Maryland SoccerPlex.  -Ofelia Devereux, Parent

Awesome day, sign me up again! -Jenny Welgos, Parent

Everything was amazing!!!  I applaud the hard work and effort and dedication that went into the planning and organizing!!!  My daughter and I both had a fantastic day!!!!! -Mrs. Moxley, 1st Grade Teacher

Loved having the whole school together and completing Field Day in ONE day! -Mrs. Shaffer, MES Staff

I thought the event went very well.  Plenty of volunteers which helped the event run smoothly and assure that students were well monitored.  -Ms. Ricketts, MES Staff

I just wanted to share that we have the BEST PTA ever!  The field day was awesome!  I was able to attend around lunch time and saw this massive event so well organized.  The bright t-shirts helped me to identify the staff, the posters on the walls helped me find the right class, the main office/health was easy to find and even during the departure everyone was so in tuned with who is leaving and coming in.  My 2 boys were excited to be part of this wonderful event.  Thank you all for providing an unforgettable day!  -Tina Kim, Parent 

Thanks to the Field Day Committee for a wonderful day!  You are amazing. -Mrs. Yates, 4th Grade Teacher

Fantastic event!!! It was awesome!!! Everyone was saying how great it was :)) -Tracey Price, Parent

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Field Day Activities Demonstration


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Superintendent Starr Visits Our School!

See how many familiar faces you can find in the MCPS video about Dr. Starr’s first Community Day from 10/14/13: Click HERE for video

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