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Message from the President

Message from Kim Penn, PTA President


Kim Penn, PTA President

June 2013

Dear MES/LV Families – The heat of summer will be upon us soon and this year will be just another great memory…and I write my last PTA President letter to wrap up our 2012-2013 Matsunaga Elementary/Longview PTA year with mixed emotions. Although I look ahead to new adventures in my own life, I will miss my days as PTA President. My role has truly been an honor and privilege. I have made memories to last a lifetime and learned lessons to carry forward.

As my two years passed as PTA President, I saw new volunteers grow in numbers and diversity! It thrills me to know that families – old and new – are eager to participate in PTA activities and help us improve school for our students and dedicated staff! As our volunteer base grows, it better reflects our diverse community and we all benefit. I hope you all feel welcomed!

We were able to build amazing partnerships with businesses in our own Germantown backyard – especially our partnership with Montgomery Tennisplex that runs our tennis clubs. Through these partnerships, we are able to expand our PTA sphere to include aspects of our Germantown area that make our school unique. Word in the tennis world is it that we are considered the largest elementary tennis school in the east coast!

On the fundraising front, we had GREAT RESULTS across the board, which are a direct result of our generous community and volunteers. THANK YOU!

General Fundraising: We continued to raise funds to pay for technology, our mini-grants, classroom enhancements, school improvement and a future field day program. With the help of our community, we brought in over $90,000!
– Including our largest fundraisers — Silent Auction ($25,000), Membership ($20,000), Gecko Gear ($10,000), Technology for Teaching ($7,000), Art Fair ($3,800), Montgomery TennisPlex donations ($3,000).

Technology: We are working to finalize our purchase of the newest MCPS technology — XPS12 Convertible Laptop and Tablet Ultrabooks – so that they will be available to students and teachers in the Fall. This laptop turns into a tablet and can handle the newest software and education applications!

Mini-Grants and Classroom Enhancements: We gave nearly $10,000 in mini grant dollars and provided $100 to every teacher at Matsunaga for classroom enhancement supplies – about $6,000. Did you know nearly every staff member is a PTA member!

PTA also provides funds for our students’ take home folders, safety patrols to attend the annual Montgomery County Police Safety Patrol picnic, supplies for our health room and other areas. You can also check the PTA website for the latest budget report online.

In May, we voted in a fantastic new PTA Board for the 2013-2014 school year. They have new ideas and activities and I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us in the year ahead!

It truly is a team effort that allows our PTA to succeed and bring about results that help to make Matsunaga Elementary/Longview School a great school. And why do we do it? For me, the reason is – to offer the best experiences and opportunities to our students who are also our children – to make memories – for a simple smile of gratitude.

I want to thank:
-Our Principal, Judy Brubaker, for being our top PTA supporter. Her dedication to our school is the foundation on which we are built. She reminds us to keep our sense of humor and encourages teamwork every day! Thank you to our MES Administrators, Mr. Doerrman and Mrs. Ramm, and our Longview Administrator Michelle Mach, for their passion to our students and PTA support!
-My dynamic Board members and Chairpersons whom I have had the privilege of working with over the last two years — they inspire me, and all we do. Their depth of dedication, diversity of skills and brain power have allowed us to succeed! And the stories are too many to count!
-Our devoted teachers who help us to spread the word on our PTA initiatives and make school as awesome place! Thank you from all of us!
-Our fantastic families in our school community who have supported us generously throughout the years with their donations and time!

We ended the year receiving honors at the annual Presidents/Principal Dinner – one for largest membership and one for PTA President of the Year. We earned these awards because of all of you and we accepted them on your behalf! But really…these awards were just icing on the cake for a wonderful experience!

Enjoy a safe and restful summer and see you in the Fall for more fun!

Kim Penn, MES/LV PTA President