Science Fair

                 MES/LV SCIENCE FAIR                

May 23rd, 5:30pm-7:30pm

    (Location: Matsunaga School Gym)

Join us for an evening of discovery and learning developed by our MES/LV Students! Everyone from Kindergarten to 5th Grade is encouraged to participate. The goal of the science fair is to excite kids about science.  MES/LV’s science fair is a great opportunity for families to have fun learning science together.   We encourage siblings and friends to work together on a single project. Please do not be intimidated, often the simplest ideas make the best projects.

This is a non-competitive event. Every participant will be awarded a certificate.


*For everyone’s safety, No use of toxic materials, explosives or corrosive chemicals, and open flames at school. No electrical currents other than batteries.

If you have any additional questions regarding the science fair:

Email us: Science Fair Volunteer Committee at

Science fair FAQ’s

What is the size of table that we will get for our project ?
Approx 6 feet long, each project will get one table.
Can we get additional tables ?
There MAY be 5-6 extra tables, however, at this point, we cannot promise any additional table. Kindly try to fit everything on one table. 
How many total projects are there ? 
There are 50 projects from MES and LV.
Will Science Fair be judged ?
No, this is not a competitive event. Every participant will be awarded a certificate.
Are there any restrictions on the project material ?

For everyone’s safety, No use of toxic materials, explosives or corrosive chemicals, and open flames at school. No electrical currents other than batteries.

Why do we need a tri-fold poster ?
Science Fair Committee is requesting trifold poster as it can stand on its own. You can buy it from Michael’s or any other office supply store. We are not very particular about the size, but it should be able to stand on its own.
What information should be on the trifold poster?
Prepare a trifold poster board with project title, student’s name & grade on it. 
A summary of the project (such as question, hypothesis, experimental design, results, and conclusions). It need not be printed, kids can write it in their own handwriting.
What time do we have to setup our project ?
Setup time is from 5pm-5:30pm
What happens if it snows/rains ?
Science Fair Committee will keep everyone informed if it has to be re-scheduled. Please stay tuned for Mr. Sweeney’s email and PTA emails, if there is any snow/rain in the forecast. 
What is the schedule of the Science Fair?
5pm-5:30pm  Setup
5:30pm-7:15pm Open to all the MES students, friends and parents
7:15pm-7:30pm Clean up
How will the certificates be distributed and who will distribute them ?
We are hoping Mr. Sweeney can visit all the projects personally and hand-over the certificates to all the participants. In case, we are running out of time, then Science Fair Committee will hand over the certificates to the remaining project participants. 
Is there any welcome statement or closing statement by the principal ?
What is our table number ?
Science Fair committee will send email with table number assigned to each project.
How are the tables laid out for the Science Fair ?
Science Fair Committee will send you a map with all the information. It will also be provided at the time you sign-in on science fair day. 
Do we need to sign-in when we arrive ?
Yes, one parent from each team will need to check-in on behalf of their team. We will have sign-in table near gym area. Please be sure to sign-in and then proceed to your assigned table for the setup. 
When do we start to clean up ?
Clean up starts around 7:15pm. Take all your project items back. We don’t have space to store any projects left behind. 
PTA/Science Fair Committee is not responsible for any missing or lost or stolen items.